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The world No.1 Continuous Ear tag applicator. One single load of ear tag strip is able to label 10 animals. Easy, Fast and Efficient!
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One-step Quickcolor Mycoplasma Detection Kit

One-step , one hour, judg by the naked eye, easy and fast! Designed to detect the presence of mycoplasmas in cell cultured media or other liquid sample.
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Exposure Marker

Design for facility western blot, which can conveniently monitors the electrophoresis progress and directly visualize protein standard bands.
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Fetal Bovine Serum

Clarkbio’s extensive line of animal serum products are stringently quality controlled prior to release for sale. Tests include biochemical profile, sterility, mycoplasma, virus screening, and endotoxin.
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Prestained Protein Ladder

Clarkbio Prestained Protein Ladder is conveniently packaged and ready to use with no heating, diluting or additional reducing agent necessary.
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Transfection reagent

Clarkfection® is a superior cationic polymer-based transfection reagent. Compared with liposomes on the market, Sinofection exhibits lower cytotoxicity, higher transfection efficiency and higher repeatability.
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